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Making It Mandatory

Flu Vaccine Requirement for Pre-Schoolers

New York City has joined New Jersey, Connecticut and other states in requiring children in licensed day-care centers and preschools to receive flu vaccines. Rhode Island will enact a similar law in 2015. Evidence suggests that requiring flu vaccinations for preschoolers is effective, say researchers at the Yale School of Public Health in CT where a flu-shot law was enacted in 2010. Mandatory vaccination has a positive impact outside of preschools, says Yale Professor James Hadler. It also helps protect those who can’t be vaccinated for medical reasons. Detractors say that because the vaccine in any given year is only about 60% effective, it’s not worth forcing people to get it. The CDC recommends flu vaccinations for all healthy people over the age of 6 months.

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Aspirin May Reduce Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Low-dose aspirin may reduce pancreatic cancer risk say researchers who, in a five-year study, compared aspirin use in 362 pancreatic cancer patients with 690 randomly chosen controls. Researchers collected data on participants’ aspirin use and, after controlling for age, sex, race and other factors, found that regular aspirin use - defined as at least once a week for three months - reduced pancreatic cancer risk by 48%. Researchers are unclear as to why regular aspirin use reduces risk however. “We don’t know if the aspirin is preventing the formation of new tumors or helping the immune system to control them later on. Empirically it seems to do something, and at this point that’s all we can say,” said senior author, Dr. Harvey A. Risch, Yale School of Public Health.

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150 Minutes a Week Reduces Risk

Exercise Helps Prevent Endometrial Cancer

Exercising for 150 minutes a week or more might help you reduce your risk of getting endometrial cancer, claim researchers presenting this week at the Cancer Prevention Research Conference. The research, conducted at Yale School of Public Health, included 668 women with endometrial cancer and 665 age-matched control women without cancer. Researchers found that women who exercised 150 minutes a week or more had a 34 percent reduced risk of endometrial cancer when compared to inactive women. The link between exercise and endometrial cancer risk reduction was more pronounced among active women who had a body mass index (BMI) less than 25. Yet, even overweight, but still active women had a lower risk compared to the inactive women.

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