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Taurine and Cholesterol

Nutrient in Poultry May Benefit Heart Health

Taurine, found in dark poultry meat and some seafood, may prevent women with high cholesterol from developing coronary heart disease (CHD), says a NYU Langone Med. Ctr. study. This is the first study to examine the effects of taurine consumption and heart disease in humans. The research, which relied on data and samples from the NYU Women’s Health Study of 14,000+ women, ages 34 to 65, found that among women with high cholesterol, those with high serum levels of taurine were 60% less likely to develop or die from CHD compared to those with lower serum levels of taurine. Researchers believe that, “if these findings are confirmed, one day we might be able to suggest that someone with high cholesterol eat more poultry, specifically dark meat,” says lead researcher Yu Chen, PhD.

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13-Year-Old Asks for a Monster

Do Energy Drinks Turn Kids into Zombies?

Food and nutrition columnist Jennifer LaRue Huget of the Washington Post writes today about her worries when her 13-year-old son, influenced by extreme sports hero endorsements, asked to buy a Monster energy drink. Is it O.K. for kids, she wondered? Investigating, she discovered that it contains 160 milligrams of caffeine, about four times that in a can of Coca Cola. In addition, it contained a number of exotic additives. Most of them are probably harmless and all are on the FDA's approved food additives or GRAS (generally regarded as safe) lists. On the other hand, they probably do you no good either. More than the caffeine, the sugar dose worried Jennifer. In the end she decided that energy drinks wouldn't kill her kid, but she hopes he grows out of them.

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