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To Stem Outbreak of Disease

Princeton U May Use Foreign Meningitis Shot

Authorities at Princeton University are weighing the use of a foreign meningitis vaccine to stem the outbreak of the disease which has caused 7 people to be hospitalized this year. In New Jersey, meningitis vaccines are required for almost all college undergrads but the one that’s commonly used in the U.S. does not cover the strain of meningitis found at Princeton. However, Bexsero, which has been approved only by authorities in Europe and Australia, does. The CDC has received permission from the FDA to import Bexsero and university trustees are deciding whether or not to distribute it. The vaccination would be voluntary, said a CDC spokesperson. About 500 Americans died from bacterial meningitis each year from 2003 to 2007.

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Sweet Not Low

High Fructose Corn Syrup Prompts Weight Gain

"The solution to obesity is not to sweeten our 64-ounce Super Big Gulp Cokes with glucose, but rather to substitute water."
- Mike in the comments

In animal experiments conducted by a Princeton University research team, rats who consumed high fructose corn syrup gained much more weight than rats given regular table sugar, even when the caloric intake of both groups was equal. Researchers determined that high fructose corn syrup, when consumed over the long term, results in significant increases in body fat, particularly in the abdomen. They hope this research helps break the US trend of increasing obesity. "Some people have claimed that high-fructose corn syrup is no different than other sweeteners when it comes to weight gain and obesity, but our results make it clear that this just isn't true, at least under the conditions of our tests," said psychology professor Bart Hoebel.

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