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Also an Aphrodisiac in TCM

Ginseng Boosts Sexual Performance in Men

A new study published in the Journal of Impotence Research and conducted in South Korea has found that taking ginseng pills (in the form of Korean ginseng berry extract) for just a few weeks can significantly improve sexual performance in men with erectile dysfunction. When compared with participants taking a placebo, those taking ginseng showed a “small but significant improvement in sexual function.” Previous research suggests that 18 million American men over the age of 20 are affected by ED. Ginseng has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to improve overall health and as an aphrodisiac. The plant contains several active ingredients known as ginsenosides or panaxosides believed to be responsible for its medicinal effects.

More at Medical Daily | Posted 6 years ago by Denise Reynolds

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Saffron’s Hot

Spice Up Your Sex Life Naturally

Ginseng and saffron are proven libido enhancers says a new U of Guelph scientific review of natural aphrodisiacs. "Aphrodisiacs have been used for thousands of years all around the world, but the science behind the claims has never been well understood or clearly reported," says researcher Massimo Marcone of his comprehensive review. Currently, sexual dysfunction is treated with synthetic drugs which may include negative side effects and do not increase libido. Marcone examined hundreds of studies to ascertain the psychological and physiological claims of sexual enhancement but included only the ones that met the most stringent controls. His findings for livening your libido? Ginseng, saffron and yohimbine, from yohimbe trees in West Africa, improve sexual enhancement in humans.

More at | Posted 8 years ago by Melody Lesser

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13-Year-Old Asks for a Monster

Do Energy Drinks Turn Kids into Zombies?

Food and nutrition columnist Jennifer LaRue Huget of the Washington Post writes today about her worries when her 13-year-old son, influenced by extreme sports hero endorsements, asked to buy a Monster energy drink. Is it O.K. for kids, she wondered? Investigating, she discovered that it contains 160 milligrams of caffeine, about four times that in a can of Coca Cola. In addition, it contained a number of exotic additives. Most of them are probably harmless and all are on the FDA's approved food additives or GRAS (generally regarded as safe) lists. On the other hand, they probably do you no good either. More than the caffeine, the sugar dose worried Jennifer. In the end she decided that energy drinks wouldn't kill her kid, but she hopes he grows out of them.

More at Washington Post | Posted 8 years ago by Mark

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