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Decreases Heart Size

Weight Loss Surgery May Repair Stressed Heart

Obesity is a risk factor for many types of heart problems, including atrial fibrillation, and cardiovascular disease leading to heart attack or stroke. Obese people often have signs of structural changes to the heart, including excess muscle mass in the left ventricle and enlargement of the right ventricular cavity – both conditions linked to heart failure. A new study which followed 400 patients after gastric bypass surgery finds that, with weight loss, the heart appeared to “remodel” itself, reducing the excess mass and decreasing the size of the ventricular cavity, thus decreasing the stress on the heart. The participants also had lowered blood pressure and heart rate and improved cholesterol levels, also decreasing the risk of a cardiovascular issue.

More at USA Today | Posted 7 years ago by Denise Reynolds

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Lap-Band Now Only Used on Adults

FDA Mulls Bariatric Surgery Option for Teens

Laproscopic bariatric surgery, also known as gastric surgery and Lap-Band surgery, can be a successful way for adults to lose weight and improve health, but there are concerns about the effectiveness, safety and long-term benefits of performing the procedure on adolescents. A sedentary lifestyle and food choices have doubled, and sometimes tripled, cases of obesity in children, but studies on teens that undergo the surgery are rare. One such study showed positive effects, with 84% of the gastric band group losing more than half their excess weight, compared to 12% that relied on diet and exercise alone. Lap-Band is currently approved in the U.S. for severely obese adults 18 or older, but the FDA is considering broadening its standards to include adolescents 14 to 17.

More at Health News | Posted 8 years ago by Marty Shaw

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