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Rock-and-a-Hard-Place Situation

Viagra-Type Drugs Linked to Skin Cancer

New York University researchers report that men who take a certain class of drugs to deal with erectile dysfunction are significantly more likely to develop a malignant form of skin cancer than non-users. Based on medical data for 20,000 Swedish men from 2006 to 2012, they determined that those who had gotten even one prescription for erectile dysfunction drugs that contain phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, one of which is Viagra, were 21 percent more likely to be diagnosed with a malignant melanoma than those who never had. How the drug and the disease are linked is unknown, and because more frequent use of the drug does not raise the melanoma risk, the researchers caution against avoiding such erectile medications unless further studies establish actual causality.

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Pfizer's Argument Ruled Flaccid

South Korean FDA Approves Generic Viagra

Pfizer Korea is trying to prevent the sale of generic Viagra that could be released by several pharmaceutical companies if the courts uphold their decision in their favor. Pfizer had a patent on the active ingredient in the popular erectile dysfunction (ED)drug, sildenafil, which expired on May 17 in South Korea but argues that “use patent” prevented generics from being sold to treat ED. Despite the facts that Pfizer my appeal the decision and the patent is being upheld in the meantime, 19 pharmaceutical companies have gotten approval from South Korea’s FDA to release 37 generic versions of the drug. To make the "little blue pill" less conspicuous, the companies have created "Nurigra" which comes in the shape of a green triangle and "Happigra" a mint-flavored powder from of the drug.

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