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Blocks Cytokines Effects

Some T Cells Help Regenerate Stem Cells

A new study from the Center of Craniofacial Molecular Biology at the Ostrow School of Dentistry of University of Southern California has found that regulatory T cells ability to decrease the levels of the cytokines interferon (INF)-gamma and tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha helped mice with bone defects to lay down new bone faster through bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BMMSC)-mediated bone regeneration and aspirin sped the process up. Most of the time, infection-fighting T cells secrete these cytokines which target and destroy stem cells and inhibit bone production. Now that the role of T-cells in tissue regeneration has been shown, researchers in the field of tissue regeneration are going to have to take into account the immune system’s role.

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Over 50 Percent

Low Vitamin D in Spine Surgery Patients

A study involving 313 patients that had spinal fusion surgery showed that over 50 percent had inadequate levels of vitamin D. Twenty-five percent were found to be deficient in the vitamin that improve calcium absorption for bone growth. Spinal surgery patients need to lay down new bone as part of the healing process. Low vitamin D in the elderly is common the people in this study were younger with an average age of 55. Other factors were smoking, obesity, a disability and never taking vitamin D or a multivitamin. Researchers believe that screening people pre-operatively and having those with vitamin D insufficiency take 50,000 international units daily for two months before surgery. Future studies will examine if there is a relationship between vitamin D levels and outcomes.

More at Yahoo! HealthDay | Posted 7 years ago by Kristie Hayes

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