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40 Fewer Calories Per Slice

Dabbing Pizza with Napkin Cuts Fat by 1/3, a watchdog website that analyzes and evaluates vitamins and herbal supplements for safety and efficacy, conducted an unusual experiment to test a current dieter's tip: that you can reduce the calories in a slice of pizza by dabbing it with a paper napkin before eating. Their finding: indeed you can. According to their results, blotting the grease from the surface of a single slice of Domino's pepperoni pizza reduces the amount of fat therein from 13 grams to 8.5, a hefty 35 percent decrease, which works out to a reduction in calories per slice from 117 to 76.5. Based on the total amount of pizza the average American consumes annually -- 23 pounds -- the dabbing procedure could eliminate some 6,611 calories per year, the equivalent of 1.9 pounds of ungained weight.

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