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We've Gone from Bad to Burst

More US Adults Now Obese Than Overweight

After 15 years of government and private health agencies' educational dietary and fitness programs designed to stem America's obesity epidemic, the situation is worse than ever. According to a study of over 15,000 U.S. adults by the Washington University School of Medicine just published in the AMA Journal, there are now more Americans aged 25 or older who are obese (67.6 million) than those who are merely overweight (65.2 million), and the overall rates of obesity and overweight have risen since 1999 from 63 percent to 71 percent among men, and from 55 percent to 67 percent among women, with women in particular now being more likely to be obese, at 36.8 percent, than overweight, at 29.7 percent. The highest obesity rate by subgroup was that of African American women, at 57 percent.

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