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Most Common US Skin Cancer

Vitamin B3 Reduces Carcinoma Reoccurrence

Australian researchers report that persons who experience recurring cases of non-melanoma skin cancers such as basal cell or squamus cell carcinomas can reduce their likelihood of reoccurrence by 23 percent by taking a surprisingly cheap, safe and commonly available nutritional supplement: vitamin B3. At 3.5 million cases per year, these are the two most common skin cancers in the U.S., and the B3 regimen could eliminate thousands of surgeries, but researchers specify the dosage at two pills a day of nicotinamide, a form of B3 that has fewer side effects than niacin, note that the cancer-resistant effect seems to last only as long as the daily dosages continue, and that the B3 regimen should only be adopted by individuals who repeatedly get these skin cancers.

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