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Injuries Plentiful, However

Treadmill-Caused Deaths Still Very Rare

A fall from a treadmill that recently took the life of Silicon Valley luminary David Goldberg has produced a spike in inquiries as to the devices' safety, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which reports that while treadmill-linked deaths are rare, injuries are anything but. Whereas there were just 30 known deaths over a ten-year period ending in 2012, there were over 24,000 treadmill injuries last year alone, out of some 63,000 total injuries tied to exercise equipment, including weights, trampolines, and even swimming pools. The greater danger posed by treadmills, say experts, is due to the fact that the pace is set by a motor and not the exerciser, and that such forced demands on the body can cause fainting or falling in those who are physically less fit.

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