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2% Levy on Chips, Sodas, Etc.

Navajo Nation First in US to Tax Junkfood

The Navajo Nation, a 27,000 square-mile sovereign entity that stretches over parts of three states and is home to 300,000 members, has enacted the first junk food tax in the United States. The country’s largest reservation will levy the two percent tax on sodas, desserts, snack chips, baked goods, fried foods, sweetened beverages and other food items that offer "minimal to no nutritional value" and that are sold within its geographical boundaries. The Nation, which the USDA has designated as a "food desert" where processed foods are more available than fruit and vegetables, will spend the income from the tax on greenhouses, community gardens, farmers' markets and traditional cooking classes. An estimated one-third of the Nation's people are currently diabetic or pre-diabetic.

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