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Booze Called 114 Times Worse

Study Says Pot Is the Safest Drug by Far

Study results published in Scientific Reports last month comparing the risk of dying from a typical recreational amount of ten widely-used drugs found marijuana to be far and away the least dangerous. On a scale of toxicity, with zero being the most toxic, alcohol scored a 2, heroin 2.5, cocaine 3, tobacco 7, ecstasy 10, and methamphetamine 14. Cannabis, in striking contrast, scored 149. Using the difference between a fatal amount of a drug and an average amount consumed, pot was 114 times safer than alcohol. Researchers emphasized that this was not meant to imply that marijuana is either healthy or safe to indulge in, but to illustrate the fact that the level of legal prohibitions or restrictions on various intoxicants does not reflect their actual health hazard or fatality risk.


Dr. J commenter Dr. J at 8:41 am on April 2, 2015

Yeah, when people smoke pot they just lay around ,and all their motivation to die is gone!

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