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Strenuous Joggers Die Sooner

Light to Moderate Jogging Is Healthiest

Based on data from the Copenhagen Heart Study, which monitored some 1,100 joggers and 4,000 non-joggers for twelve years, joggers in general enjoy longer lifespans than sedentary non-joggers, but this extra longevity only applies to those who jog less frequently and at a light or moderate pace. In contrast, those classified as strenuous joggers or intense joggers had the same mortality rates as the non-joggers. Strenuous jogging was defined as running faster than 7 mph for more than four hours per week or running that fast more than three times a week for a total of more than 2.5 hours. The mortality rate was lowest for those who ran no more than three times a week for one to 1.4 hours total at a slow or moderate pace, or roughly a mile every 12 minutes.

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