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Worry About Numbers at 35

High Cholesterol Endangers Young Too

Young people don't get a pass for having high cholesterol, say researchers. Time reports on the most recent heart study of healthy people followed for an average of 15 years. The findings show that having mildly elevated levels of cholesterol can increase risk for later heart problems by up to 40 percent. The study was published in Circulation. Researchers now say that having high cholesterol for a long time, even if it starts at a young age, should be a new risk factor for heart disease. The study found that people who had high cholesterol for 11 to 20 years (starting near age 35) experienced a 16.5 percent greater risk of having a heart attack around 15 years later. Those with normal cholesterol levels in middle age had only a 4.4 percent increased risk of heart attack later in life.

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