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College Kids Get a Bum Rap

Binge Drinking Deaths Peak in Middle Age

Studies of binge drinking have heretofore focused on young adult Americans, especially college students, but according to a new report from the CDC, the majority of binge-drinking episodes each year involve middle-aged white males, and adults aged 35 to 64 are responsible for 75 percent of the approximately 2,200 deaths from excessive alcohol consumption each year. Among the report's other findings: more than 38 million Americans binge drink each week, consuming an average eight drinks during one episode; while younger adults tend to binge on hard liquor, middle-aged bingers generally overdo it on beer; nearly 70 percent of U.S. alcohol-related deaths involve non-Hispanic whites. Overall, Americans 26 or older tally up an estimated 1.5 million instances of binge drinking per year.

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