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US Eggs Safe from Change

UK Fans Upset over Cadbury Creme Egg Changes

Cadbury Creme Eggs are changing and fans are raging. The chocolate eggs filled with yellow and white fondant are only sold from January until Easter, but this year Cadbury Creme Egg fans in the UK got a nasty surprise. While the recipe change occurred in the UK, many across the pond can hear the screaming. Eggs sold in the UK are no longer made with Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate. Instead, they're made with a "standard, traditional Cadbury milk chocolate," reports CNN. Another change for the UK: Only five eggs in a pack instead of six! However, the egg packaging and recipe will remain the same for Cadbury Creme Eggs sold in the US. Apparently, US eggs, made by Hershey, were never created with that special Dairy Milk chocolate anyhow.

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