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Spooked by Concussions, Etc.

U.S. to Its Kids: Don’t Play Football

After a year that was a gauntlet of troubles for the NFL, from growing concern over concussions to domestic violence headlines to a team name that happened to be a racial slur, the year ended with possibly the worst news yet: half the country no longer wants its kids to even play football, and most of us believe the sport's popularity has peaked. According to a recent Bloomberg survey, more Americans would oppose their son playing football, 50 percent, than those who would want him to, 43 percent. And a striking 83 percent believe pro football will be no more popular, and possibly less, in 20 years than it is today. Those most opposed to their kids playing football were the college-educated and the high income, at 62 percent each, and women, a major NFL target demo, at 58 percent.

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