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It Complicates Relationships

Few Vegetarians Actually Stick with It

Fewer Americans are vegans or vegetarians than you might expect, and far fewer still remain that way. According to what is billed as the first comprehensive survey on the subject, by the Humane Research Council and Harris Interactive, just 2 percent of us eat no meat whatsoever, and a hefty 88 percent have never even given meatless living a whirl. Moreover, of the 12 percent of us who ever take up vegetarian or vegan living, 83 percent wind up returning to omnivorism. The study, which involved 11,000 adults, also found that chicken is the meat of choice for ex-veggies, and that half of those who leave the fold do so not because of the food itself, but because of personal relationships and significant others. The rest mostly fall victim to cravings, the undoing of diets in general.

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