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Scalp Sensors Tell All

Imagination, Reality Flow Oppositely in Brain

While imagining things, or daydreaming, information in the brain flows in the opposite direction from information associated with reality. Researchers used sensors (EEG) placed on the scalp to measure electrical activity and discern between the different areas of the brain's network. They found that during imagination, there's an increase in flow of information from the the brain's parietal lobe to the occipital lobe. However, when visual information is absorbed by the eyes, such as while watching a video, the flow is in the opposite direction -- from the occipital lobe to the parietal lobe. The study, published in NeuroImage, may be useful for developing new tools that can untangle the events in the brain during sleep and dreaming, or study how the brain encodes short-term memory.

More at EurekAlert | Posted 4 years ago by Peggy Rowland

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