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Fewer Ills Than Singles, Exes

Marriage Is Beneficial to Heart Health

A study of over 3.5 million Americans by NYU Langone Medical Center cardiologists finds that married people are less likely to suffer heart disease, clogged arteries, strokes or other cardiovascular problems than singles, divorcees or widowed people. The study determined that marrieds run a 5 percent lower risk of such maladies than singles and divorcees and a 3 percent lower risk than the widowed. The effect is most positive for marrieds under age 50, whose risk is 12 percent lower than their single peers. Marrieds are also less likely to smoke or to be obese than singles or divorcees, and less likely to be diabetic or sedentary than the widowed. Researchers speculate that marrieds are often encouraged by their spouses to eat healthy, exercise, and consult doctors for ailments.

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