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Big Risk from Small Pod

Kids Face Serious Risk from Laundry Pods

Thousands of children under 6 were exposed to laundry detergent pods from 2012 to 2013. The study, published in Pediatrics, used information from the National Poison Data System, which confirmed one death due to exposure to the pods. Researchers found that 17,230 kids under 6 years old were exposed to detergent pods, with 79.7 percent of the kids ingesting the detergent inside the pods. Children under 3 accounted for 73.5 percent of exposure cases. Some children were hospitalized (4.4 percent), while others (7.5 percent) experienced either a moderate or major medical outcome. Researchers say that 102 patients who were exposed via ingestion, aspiration, or a combination, required tracheal intubation. Researchers concluded that the pods pose a "serious poisoning risk" for young children.

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