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Dogs Can Probably Get Ebola

Spanish Ebola Victim: Dog Named Excalibur

Excalibur, a dog in Madrid that belonged to an Ebola-infected nurse, was destroyed yesterday. New York Times notes that the animal's death took place among protests from animal rights activists who surrounded the home where the nurse and her husband lived with the dog. Around 390,000 signed an online petition to save the dog's life. While there have been no known cases of Ebola among dogs, experts believe that it's possible for dogs to become infected with Ebola. Excalibur had shown no symptoms of Ebola. The rescue dog was 12 years old.

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Laura Horton commenter Laura Horton at 1:03 pm on October 9, 2014

Seems the dog would have given authorities a perfect opportunity to learn more about how Ebola affects canines (if at all), whether dogs can be carriers, and used the dog's blood to examine possible transfer between species.

They didn't even both to test his blood for any sign of the virus.

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