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Cotton Stinks Less

Polyester Clothes May Reek After Exercise

Smelling less ripe after exercise may mean wearing cotton clothes instead of polyester, suggests research from Belgium. The study, published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, included 26 healthy people who engaged in an intense, hour-long spinning session. The shirts worn during spinning were placed in incubators for 28 hours, and then inspected by an odor panel! The shirts were also tested for bacteria. Researchers found that the bacteria responsible for odor grows better on polyester. Study author Chris Callewaert of Ghent University, Belgium hopes to one day solve the issue of body odor by transplanting microbes from non-smelly relatives to those afflicted by body odor.

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Mark commenter Mark at 6:48 am on September 8, 2014

Polypropelene clothes have had the reputation of stinking, so much so that the fabric has been nicknamed "polypew." But Wikipedia says this problem has been solved:

"Polypropylene undergarments are known for retaining body odors which are then difficult to remove. The current generation of polyester does not have this disadvantage."

I wonder if the odor problem reported in this item might be simply solved by laundering the clothing, rather than putting it in an incubator?

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