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Boosts Sleep Time by 90 Minutes

Tasty New Insomnia Cure: Cherry Juice

Senior citizens who suffer from insomnia have been cautioned about taking sleeping pills, which have been shown to raise the risk of falling by 400 percent, but researchers at Louisiana State University have discovered a much safer, and far tastier, means to induce sleep: tart cherry juice. Insomniac volunteers who drank eight ounces of tart Montmorency cherry juice twice a day for two weeks and were monitored in a sleep lab experienced an increase in their average sleep time of nearly ninety minutes per night, and reported improvement in the quality of their sleep each night. Scientists credited the cherry juice's combination of melatonin and tryptophan with the beneficial effects, and recommend insomniacs drink a glass each morning and evening.


Patti commenter Patti at 8:39 am on September 3, 2014

That's 50 grams of sugar! Way too much sugar. Just thinking aloud....

Mark commenter Mark at 5:20 am on September 5, 2014

50 grams is the maximum daily value set by the WHO, so if you stick just with that (which is unlikely) you're borderline O.K.

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