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Crackdown on Mini Chocolate Cake

South Koreans Send Choco Pies to North Korea

North Korea is desperate to keep out the Choco Pie, a pesky mini chocolate-coated cake filled with marshmallow! Seen as a symbol of capitalism and the prosperity of South Korea, Choco Pies, produced by Orion in South Korea, are the target of a North Korean crackdown. The Guardian reports today that South Korean activists released 50 helium balloons filled with 10,000 Choco Pies and anti-Pyongyang leaflets. The Choco Pie balloon launch took place near the North Korea border, so perhaps there are some very excited North Koreans right now. It's believed that millions of Choco Pies are traded each month on the black market in North Korea.

More at The Guardian | Posted 4 years ago by Peggy Rowland

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Billy Bob commenter Billy Bob at 11:46 pm on July 31, 2014

This led me to read up on Choco Pies at Wikipedia:

There are Orion and Lotte versions (Lotte in Japan), and they both copied the American Moon Pie. Maybe Japan should send Lotte Choco Pies and the U.S. could launch Moon Pies and Scooter Pies from an offshore nuclear submarine.

I love this, from Wikipedia:

"North Korean workers at the Kaesong Industrial Complex in North Korea receive Choco Pies as part of their compensation. Prior to the closing of the complex during the 2013 Korean crisis, workers received up to 20 Choco Pies per day in addition to their wages. The workers would often resell the pies on the black market. After the complex's five-month halt in operations, workers were cut back to a maximum of two Choco Pies per day."

The North Korean version of Bitcoin?

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