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11 Pounds in 4 Grueling Days

Rapid and Lasting Weight Loss? Could Be.

Given strict enough calorie limits and enough physical activity, extraordinarily rapid and dramatic weight loss may be not only achievable and bearable, but also, at least in part, long-lasting. A joint study by researchers at Spain's University of Las Palmas and the Mid Sweden University put 15 healthy but overweight men on a regimen of just 360 calories per day, roughly 1,800 fewer than usual, and 45 minutes each day of strenuous upper-body exercise followed by eight hours of open terrain walking. After just four days the men had each lost nearly 11 pounds, almost half of it in body fat. Moreover, and surprisingly, a month after the program ended most of the men had not regained, but lost another two pounds of fat, and after a full year, still weighed five pounds less.

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Shellie commenter Shellie at 3:32 pm on July 7, 2014

So starve yourself and you'll be a whopping 5 pounds lighter in a year. Yea...

Bob Wieder commenter Bob Wieder at 10:09 am on July 13, 2014

Or, starve yourself for four days a year and be twenty pounds lighter after four years. Not a bad deal for a lot of people, if it works.

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