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Pizza Now a Major Part of Americans' Diet

A new study released by the USDA indicates that if pizza is not America's single favorite food item, it is closing in on whatever is. On any given day, one in every eight U.S. residents will eat a slice or more of the cheesy entree, and the number increases for those aged 2 to 19, who are twice as likely as persons 20 and older to consume pizza, largely because most adults confine their pizza intake to dinners, while kids eat it equally at lunch and dinner -- and don't even ask about breakfast. Slightly more men than women eat pizza on any given day, by 15 percent to 11 percent. When adults eat pizza, the typical portion provides approximately 1/3 of their calcium intake for the day, and fully 40 percent of their sodium. It also contributes about 25 percent of their total calories.

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