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B in Sugars, D in Oils, Grains

US Gets Mixed Grades on Diet Report Card

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has updated its periodic “report card” on changes in the American diet that have taken place since 1970, when the national obesity rate was just half of its current 32 percent. Among the findings: Americans still eat more added sweeteners than in 1970, but on average, 10 pounds less per person per year than in 1999; we've heavily cut our consumption of trans fats and saturated solid fats, but consume more fat-based calories per day overall thanks to a steep rise in our use of salad and cooking oils, which contain more calories per tablespoon than butter; we now eat more chicken than beef, but more beef and pork than chicken and fish; we've replaced fruit and veggies in our diet with higher-calorie and lower-nutrition baked and grain foods.

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