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It’s Still Calorie-Packed

Worst New Weight-Loss Ploy: Inhaling Booze

Today's drinking problem could be tomorrow's inhaling problem, thanks to a trend known as "smoking alcohol." It involves using one of several methods or devices to vaporize alcohol and become inebriated by inhaling the fumes rather than drinking, often done in the mistaken belief that the method is calorie-free. Not only is this incorrect -- if you’re getting drunk, it means that you’re absorbing ethanol, with all its non-nutritional calories -- but the practice poses several serious health hazards. Inhaled booze hits the bloodstream much faster, and users are prone to become much drunker much sooner than they’re used to. And the body's normal "saturation" defenses are bypassed by this method, increasing the chances of overdose or alcohol poisoning, and over time, addiction.

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