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Bad Chocolate Mix

Salmonella in Your Nesquik

Every bunny's favorite chocolate drink mix, Nesquik, may be contaminated with salmonella, and is being recalled by Nestle. CNN Money reports that Nestle has recalled more than 200,000 canisters of Nesquik due to possible salmonella contamination in batches produced in October. There have been no reports of illness connected to the recall. Affected products will have a best-to-use of October 2014. Recalled sizes include 40.7 ounces, 21.8 ounces and 10.9 ounces. The smaller sizes feature a promotion for the Disney movie "Wreck-it-Ralph." According to Nestle, the recall is necessary since ingredient supplier Omya Inc. recalled some of their calcium carbonate. Consumers may return their recalled Nesquik to the place of purchase, or contact Nestle at 800-628-7679.

More at CNN | Posted 5 years ago by Peggy Rowland

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