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Two Years Longer, to Be Exact

Sit Less; Live Longer

Reducing the time Americans spend sitting to fewer than 3 hours/day would increase life expectancy by 2 years, finds a Pennington Biomed. Res. Ctr. study helmed by Peter Katzmarzyk. The research also indicates that reducing the time spent watching TV to fewer than 2 hours would increase life expectancy by 1.4 years. US adults spend about 5 hours/day sitting. The study highlights "sedentary behavior as an important risk factor, similar to smoking and obesity," says Katzmarzyk who analyzed data on 167,000 adults. It looked at the link between sitting and the risk of dying from any cause over the next 4-14 years. His conclusion: about 27% of deaths could be attributed to sitting; 19% to television watching habits. The study is one among a growing number that suggests sitting may be deadly.

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