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Milk's Favorite Cookie

South Korean Ad Uses Breast Milk for Oreos

Agency Cheil Worldwide created an advertisement using an image of a cute baby breast-feeding while holding an Oreo cookie. The slogan for the ad is "Milk's favorite cookie." MSNBC reports that it's unclear if Nabisco is actually using the ad to sell Oreo cookies, or if the agency just created it. Kavita Varma-White, writing for Today/MSNBC, complains that the breast image looks too "perky and perfect" to be that of an actual lactating mother. Besides, that baby is too young for cookie eating! What do you think of this Oreo ad that may or may not get a blessing from Nabisco?


Levander commenter Levander at 6:27 am on April 21, 2012

Too perky and perfect? It's Korea. Not every woman in the world is fat like in the U.S.

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