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Sick Cats Die in Less Than Week

Protect Your Cats from Bobcat Fever

Lone Star ticks, carriers of cytauxzoonosis (bobcat fever), are endangering cats. The ticks have recently spread across the country, making pets more vulnerable to the deadly disease. University of Missouri veterinarian Leah Cohn warns that bobcat fever can kill a cat in less than a week after symptoms appear. Dogs don't have to worry about bobcat fever, but the disease affects all cats, including bobcats, mountain lions and tigers. Outdoor cats are at greatest risk, but indoor cats may be exposed if ticks hitch a ride on the family dog. According to Cohn, cats showing early symptoms, such as refusal to eat and sluggishness, should see a vet as soon as possible. The best prevention is keeping cats indoors as much as possible, but tick preventatives for cats may also help prevent sickness.


Debbie commenter Debbie at 6:36 pm on July 1, 2016

Please come up with a vaccine .

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