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As If Pigs Needed This Problem

Pigs Are Exploding in the Midwest

Hog farmers have started noticing a mysterious foam growing on top of their manure pits, leading to eventual explosions of barns. Minnesota Daily reports that thousands of hogs have died in exploding barns in recent years. The foam, which can reach up to 4 feet in height, traps methane gas. Farmers have been encouraged to fight the foam with water. Around six barns in the Midwest have exploded since the foam was first spotted in 2009. Frustrated researchers aren't sure what's causing the dangerous foam, but they've noticed a correlation between adding a product of ethanol production to livestock diets and the growth of foam. TreeHugger writes that when pigs start exploding, it's time for a rethink on our food system! Currently, the average pig production building holds 2,000 or more pigs.

More at Minnesota Daily | Hat tip to TreeHugger | Posted 6 years ago by Peggy Rowland

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