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More Than 60,000 Pounds Recalled

Major Chains Recall Beef

Kroger, Publix and Winn-Dixie have recalled beef products due to problems at National Beef Packaging in Dodge City, Kansas, reports MSNBC. The USDA ordered the recall of 60,000 pounds of beef after finding E. coli bacteria during routine testing. Recalled products were sold mainly in the Southeast, but the meat was sent to several distributors, which means it could have been repackaged and sold nationwide. Recalled products from Kroger include ground chuck, meatballs, ground beef patties and meat loaf made in stores with sell by dates of July 29 through August 12. Publix recalled meatballs, meat loaf, ground chuck patties and more with sell by dates of July 25 to August 12. Recalled Winn-Dixie products include ground chuck and patties with sell by dates of July 31 to August 12.

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