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CEO Gets Defensive

Philip Morris CEO: It's Not Hard to Quit Smoking

Philip Morris International CEO Louis Camillei told a cancer nurse that it's not that hard to quit smoking, reports USA Today. The comment was made to Elisabeth Gunderson, a member of The Nightingales Nurses activist group. She says that a patient told her recently that quitting smoking was more difficult than other addictions he's beaten, including crack, cocaine and meth. Camillei, a longtime smoker, admitted that cigarettes are harmful and addictive, but said he believes that since there are more previous smokers in America than current smokers, it's just not that hard to quit. Camillei's opinion was expressed in response to comments made during Philip Morris International's annual shareholder meeting in New York on Wednesday.


Alan Brody commenter Alan Brody at 9:38 am on May 12, 2011

The easiest way to quit is to bang your head against the wall in just the right way!Researchers know that smokers who damage a part of the brain called the insula quit immediately. So it really is all in the head.Smokers heads are not all alike. Quitting depends on their psychological commitment. Your teenage starter years make the difference: if you began smoking on account a compelling emotional need – you will have a hard time quitting. If you were just following the herd then quitting is easy. Philip Morris may deserve a knock or two for their “Cigarette Seduction” but it not only about the seller - the smoker is there for a reason. People who need this emotional type of support will seek out a substitute. Now there are options like eCigarettes to choose from which may less dangerous and even a good way to quit.

ruko commenter ruko at 8:51 pm on November 17, 2012

If PM would invent a pill that would guarantee cessation of smoking, smokers would mortgage their houses to quit. Think of the billions of people that smoke that would pay $10,000 a pill to quit.

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