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Controlling Radiation Fear

Women Shouldn't Fear Mammogram Radiation

Risk of radiation-induced cancer from a mammogram shouldn't deter women age 40 and over from getting routine mammograms, say researchers. Study findings, reported in the journal Radiology, reveal that the risk is slight in comparison to the life-saving benefits of mammography for women age 40 and over. According to the study's lead author, Martin J. Yaffe, Ph.D., of the University of Toronto, radiation risk shouldn't keep women over 40 from routine screening with mammography. Using their risk model, the researchers determined that in 100,000 women receiving annual mammograms from 40 to 55 years old and screening every two years to age 74, only 11 fatal radiation-induced cancers would occur among 86 radiation-induced cancers, compared with 497 lives saved by earlier detection.


Givemeabreak commenter Givemeabreak at 8:22 am on November 16, 2010

Oh please, give me a break. Radiation is cummulative,and should be used judiciously. I am not saying don't get a mammogram, but we should be concerned over radiation that we receive from many areas of life. Think about the airport screenings, mammograms,natural exposure, etc. It all adds up over a lifetime.

We have to be very careful the way we use it and need better monitoring over exposure. Each woman should know their exposure rate after their mammogram and log it.

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