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Increases Mortality Risk Too

Hormone Replacement Increases Breast Cancer Risk

A new Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) report indicates that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) increases a postmenopausal woman’s risk of developing invasive breast cancer as well as increasing her risk of death from breast cancer. "This report, which expands on earlier results of the WHI study, followed these women for an average of 11 years," says researcher Jean Wactawski-Wende. "The data show that, with further follow-up, there remains an increased incidence of breast cancer in women taking estrogen plus progestin. The study, which included 40 US clinical centers, was based on 12,788 women and showed that combined HRT increases the incidence of invasive breast cancer and that, often, the cancer spreads to the lymph nodes, indicating a poorer prognosis.

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