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Brain Scan Accurately Predicts Autism in Adults

A study conducted at King's College in London shows that a brain scan that takes 15 minutes was 90 percent accurate at predicting autism in adult, and researcher hope it works in children. Traditional tests can take four to eight hours and at about $157.50, a brain scan is twenty times cheaper. It works by analyzing areas of the brain associated with language and social behavior. Twenty healthy adults and 20 diagnosed with autism spectral disorder had their brains scanned. A more objective test will allow for a better and quicker diagnosis so patients can begin cognitive behavioral therapy and educational treatment, which is beneficial in children. Murphy, lead researcher, believes one day specialists will use scans along with interviews to monitor their patients’ progress.

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racheal commenter racheal at 11:19 pm on August 12, 2010

And what possible good could this do, when there is no known cure for the disease as yet?? allow someone to fixate on becoming a vegetable in the latter years of their life? how would this affect quality of life and mental stability, not to mention rates of suicide? huge waste of money!

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