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Copper Emergency Contraception

Copper IUD Very Good Emergency Birth Control

A T-shaped intrauterine device wrapped in copper called Copper T, prevented pregnancy in 100 percent of Chinese women who had the device implanted up to five days after unprotected sex. Almost 2000 women were implanted with it as emergency contraception. A month later, none were pregnant on the first of three follow-up visits. For some women, it did come out and some experienced side effects that required its removal. Four women got pregnant while the device was still in. Copper T must be inserted by a doctor and Plan B can be obtained over-the-counter at a pharmacy for $50 while Copper T can cost over $500. Doctors say that if IUDs were used more often, unwanted pregnancies and abortions would be lower, but misconceptions about its safety are likely affect how women feel about them.


Saviour commenter Saviour at 1:05 am on August 7, 2010

How does the copper T prevent pregnancy exactly?

thatwillbealljeeves commenter thatwillbealljeeves at 11:32 pm on August 12, 2010


4 pregnancies in 100 women does not eaual 100% effectiveness, dummy. (and please don\'t tell me that it \"prevented pregnancies\" after intercourse- were all of the women ovulating/fertile/able to conceive at that point in their cycles? Were all of their male partners capable of impregnating a woman? facts, please, not imaginary BS...)

But of course this truly jaw-dropping peice of news comes to us straight from China, the land of unquestionable truth and transparency, where concern for citizen\'s health is of paramount who am I to question this amazing discovery?

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