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Wait, Those Are Mouse Turds!

Your Keyboard Can Cause Illness: "Qwerty Tummy"

You touch it daily, now learn how to clean the computer keyboard, which may contain germs, skin oils or even mouse feces. Stomach troubles picked up from computers have a special name: "qwerty tummy," taken from the upper left keys on a keyboard. In an article from TechNewsDaily, MSNBC explored proper keyboard hygiene. They suggest first checking your owner's manual for specific cleaning instructions. Most people can use isopropyl alcohol to kill keyboard germs, as well as an air duster to remove debris. Why go through this trouble? In addition to avoiding sickness, maintaining a crumb-free keyboard can also keep rodents away. MSNBC reports that one woman in London was confused about the "seeds" that kept popping out of her keyboard. The seeds turned out to be mouse fecal pellets!

More at MSNBC | Posted 8 years ago by Peggy Rowland

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