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Increases Sales in Schools

Pretty Display of Fruit Promotes Healthy Choices

Researchers from the Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab headed up by Dr. Brian Wansink have found that moving apples out of a stainless steel tray and placing them in an attractive basket in a well-lit area increased the sales of fresh fruit by 58 percent in one New York School. The study is part of the university’s “Smarter Lunchrooms” Initiative, an effort to find low-cost solutions for smarter food choices in schools. "The best solution is often the simplest one," said Professor Brian Wansink. "Rather than penalizing a less healthy food choice, we just made the healthier item much more likely to be noticed and chosen." The research was presented at the Food for Your Whole Life Health Symposium in New York City.

More at Medical News Today | Hat tip to | Posted 9 years ago by Denise Reynolds

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