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Lower Your Pesticide Exposure

Dirty Dozen Produce Has More Pesticides

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) released their new report on produce containing the most or least amount of pesticides. CNN reported on EWG's list, including the infamous "Dirty Dozen" to avoid. According to EWG, non-organic celery, the most "dirty" food, may contain as many as 67 pesticides. Other foods in the group's Dirty Dozen list include peaches, strawberries, apples, domestic blueberries, nectarines, sweet bell peppers, spinach (including kale and collard greens), cherries, potatoes, imported grapes and lettuce. The EWG says you can reduce your exposure to pesticides by 80 percent by choosing organic versions of the Dirty Dozen. The "Clean 15," foods with little pesticides in non-organic versions, include onions and avocados.

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