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CD4+ Cell Counts Decline

Alcohol Speeds HIV Disease Progression

Drinking two or more alcoholic beverages a day could make HIV progress at a faster rate. A new study showed that frequent use of alcohol is associated with declining CD4+ cell counts in people with HIV disease, even if they're receiving antiretroviral therapy. A decline in CD4+ cells indicates a weakened immune system. The new article sharing study findings, "Alcohol Use Accelerates HIV Disease Progression," is published in AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses. Researchers believe that alcohol consumption has a direct effect on CD4+ cells. Plus, they think that the accelerated decline in the CD4+ cell counts of frequent alcohol users isn't simply due to poorer adherence to antiretroviral therapy.


Gray commenter Gray at 12:49 am on June 25, 2014

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Gray commenter Gray at 12:49 am on June 25, 2014

Thanks for this information!

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