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Study: Eating Nuts Lowers Cholesterol 5 Percent

Adding nuts to your diet can lower cholesterol according to a study in a recent issue of Archives of Internal Medicine. For the study, participants ate an average of 2.4 ounces of nuts per day resulting in a reduction of slightly more than five percent of total cholesterol; a 7.4 percent reduction in LDL, or unhealthy cholesterol, and a 10.2 percent reduction of triglycerides among participants with high levels. Explained Joan Sabaté, M.D., Dr.P.H., of Loma Linda University, CA, "The lipid-lowering effects of nut consumption were greatest among subjects with high baseline LDL-C and with low body mass index and among those consuming Western diets.” She called for the inclusion of nuts in the diet to favorably affect blood lipid levels and to potentially lower coronary heart disease risk.


Philip commenter Philip at 6:03 pm on May 12, 2010

While there is previous evidence regarding the health benefits of eating nuts, one should be careful when looking at a surrogate endpoint (ie cholesterol level) in place of actually looking at the effect on the disease, in this case heart disease, itself. There is a quite interesting series of posts at the Health Journal Club by an MIT scientist who looking at the issue as an outsider comes to the conclusion that we need to be more worried about LOW cholesterol than high. If interested you can read on it here.

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