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Vitamin E-Loaded Lenses

New Treatment for Glaucoma on Horizon

Scientists recently reported on the use of Vitamin E to develop contact lenses that deliver medication directly to the eye to treat glaucoma and other eye diseases. Glaucoma, the second leading cause of blindness and vision impairment, affects almost 67 million people worldwide. Currently, it is treated with eye drops that, within minutes, are washed away by the eye’s natural lubrication. “Only about one to five percent of drugs in eye drops actually reach the cornea of the eye,” says Anuj Chauhan, Ph.D., lead researcher on the study who, with his team at the U of Florida, developed a contact lens infused with Vitamin E that, due to its molecular structure, keeps medication in the eye far longer than drops. Clinical trials of the lenses could begin within two years.

More at ScienceDaily | Posted 9 years ago by Melody Lesser

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