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Linked to Other Addictions Too

New Study Links Smoking and Lower IQ Scores

Young men who smoke have markedly lower IQs than those who never light up, according to a an Israeli study that tracked 20,000 soldiers, ages 18 to 21. Plus, the more one smokes the lower his IQ is likely to be according to researcher Professor Mark Weiser who also found that those with lower IQs are more prone to other addictions. The average non-smoker’s IQ was 101 while the average for smokers was 94. Heavy smokers had an average IQ of 90. (An IQ between 84 and 116 is considered average for healthy young men.) Says Prof. Weiser, "People on the lower end of the average IQ tend to display poorer overall decision-making skills when it comes to their health.” He hopes his research will help stem smoking by targeting at risk school children and providing therapy and special education.

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